Why Do People Hate Elon Musk

Tesla and SpaceX are two of the most popular companies that appear in the news recently. Elon Musk is the founder of both companies. Including these two, Elon has founded and co-founded other companies that are ruling the market worldwide. He was the co-founder of the electronic payment system PayPal as well.

Though there are so many contributions in technology and other sectors, people still hate this man for some reason. Some reasons are valid, and some can be considered as rumors.

Why Do People Hate Elon Musk

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Let’s find out some common reasons that made people hate Elon Musk –

Market Manipulation 

Elon Musk currently has 53.9 million followers on Twitter. This is huge for an entrepreneur or businessperson. Any of his tweets about his next idea or investment would make a lot of difference in the share market. Recently, Elon had a giant impact on the cryptocurrency market. His tweet to own Dogecoin made other cryptocurrencies lose their value in a vast range. On the other hand, Dogecoin gained a 10% positive value on the share market. This is how a single tweet from Elon manipulated the whole crypto industry.

Not a Good CEO

There were a lot of objections about Elon as a CEO. The companies that Elon owns have a very strict labor code. He tries to make every decision by himself. A single person can’t make the company organized and follow the leadership of only a single person. There are experts for every sector in the companies, but most of the decisions are taken by Elon. All of his decisions won’t make the outcome as expected because he won’t be able to make the perfect decision for every single issue.

Elon was also accused of paying the employees less than they deserve. Only the higher rank employees of the companies were getting decent salaries. The employees who were working on a lower level were getting a very little amount of payment from Elon’s companies. Elon publicly apologized for this matter as well when the report reached the public. 

Minimizing Education

There are lots of quotes by Elon Musk about different issues. One of the most controversial quotes of this man is about education. He mentioned that college is not a place for learning, and a degree isn’t required to work for his company. He further added that a college is a place for fun. The statement was kind of minimizing education thus people didn’t accept this quote of Elon. This statement wasn’t accepted by most people as there was so much criticism about this quote. 

Occupying Mars

Elon Musk is planning on how we can shift to Mars. As we already know, the earth is becoming worse for humankind, and we are responsible for that. The environment is getting warmer and every year is breaking the record of previous years. We are now moving towards destroying another planet. Elon with SpaceX has set a plan to move to Mars. Though people are amazed by the idea or the plan, still some people are not accepting the fact of destroying another planet just like Earth.

Space Advertising

This is one of the recent initiatives by SpaceX. Elon Musk wants to show Ads to the space that will be visible in the sky. The billboard will contain Ads for companies that will pay to SpaceX. Most people are concerned about the beauty of the sky that will be ruined by the Ads. We look for stars in the sky, not Ads. Elon Musk should not come with these kinds of creepy ideas that make people hate him more.

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