Why Did Donut Operator Resign? The Former Cop & Youtuber!

Donut Operator, the famous American YouTuber who resigned from his military post, made a burning issue on the internet.

Donuts Operator has a surprisingly extreme sense of humor for a police officer. His videos got worldwide reach, and he changed people’s perspective over a police personality. Apart from his hilarious content and growing popularity, people wonder about his resigning decision.

Generally, people who work in the military hold rigid personalities. And a cop who resigned to become a full-time YouTuber makes people get more curious about Donut Operator.

Maybe, that’s the reason people keep asking, “Why Did Donut Operator Resign?”

Are you curious about such a decision? Well, for that, you might have to know a bit more about this Former cop and full-time YouTuber. Let’s give it a shot here.

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Who is Donut Operator? 

Donut Operator, the famous humorous content creator on youtube, is considered one of those top American YouTubers. His real name is “Cody Garrett.” Apart from being an American YouTuber, he has been a former police officer. He was a SWAT team member of the USA police. He also used to write for the Police advocacy group before.

This engaging personality was born on 3rd September in 1987 in South California, Ij 2021, now he is a 33 years old man. 

Another thing many people don’t know about Donut is he is also a businessman. He owns a skate shop, according to his profiles. 

Regarding his personal life, there was speculation that Donut Operator is GAy. However, all the confusion got cleared when people got to know about his girlfriend “Kayley.” 

Why Did Donut Operator Resign?

The most exciting thing about the Donut operator is his resignation from the police for being a full-time YouTuber. People still wonder why someone would leave such a fascinating post for being a YouTuber. Donut has explained all these things by himself. Let’s know about the reason in detail.

Being a police officer, you might have to hold a more private life. And Donut wanted to be super active on youtube. Concerning that, he might have to act on social media as well. Well, in the beginning, it was all about hobbies. Donut used to post videos with humor where he explained how ridiculous America is turning into.

However, such thoughts would be surprising coming from a Cop’s perspective. Reportedly, the Donut operator was influenced/ motivated by a fan on Twitter. That man also resigned from the police post just to pursue a career in yoga. His low pay, Work pressure and personal restrictions were enough to create obstacles from being a full-time YouTuber

That’s those reasons, the Donut operator finally resigned on 1st June 2021 and turned into a full-time YouTuber. 

Fans received his such decision in different ways. Some appreciated him for following his heart. In contrast, some seemed to be doubtful. However, Donut himself is happy to make regular content, and it seems he’s active enough on the internet now.

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Wrap Up:

People generally imagine a very rough and tough personality for a police officer. The donut operator proved everyone wrong and came up as a humorous cop and YouTuber. However, he is now a former cop and a full-time YouTuber.

He makes such content that can hardly pop up on some cop’s brain. With his distinct perception and amazing humor, the Donut operator gained massive popularity. Fans often ask, “Why did the Donut Operator Resign.” Hopefully, you’ve got the answer here.

To know more about this popular personality, you can search for “donut Operator” on youtube anytime.

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