Who was Ted Jorgensen

People know Ted Jorgensen mostly because of his son Jeff Bezos. But who is Jeff Bezos? Do I really need to say anything about him? Well, we will talk about Jeff later in this article.

Ted Jorgensen was Jeff’s father and that’s the main reason people know about him. But people know only a little and there is too much confusion about Ted among people. Let’s remove those confusions.

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Ted Jorgensen Nationality

Ted Jorgensen was born on 10 October 1944 in Chicago, United States. So, his nationality is American. He lived in New Mexico for some years and then he moved to Glendale, Arizona.

After moving to Glendale, Arizona, Ted opened a Bicycle Store there. This Store was his only income source, He spent his whole life in Glendale.

Who was Ted Jorgensen

Basic Information:

Full NameTed Jorgensen
Date Of BirthOct 10, 1944
Date of DeathMarch 16, 2015
Age at the time of death71
ProfessionStore Owner
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, United States
Place of DeathArizona, USA

Ted’s First Marriage

Ted fell in love with a beautiful girl named Jacklyn in 1960. Then in the same year, they got married. Jacklyn gave birth to a baby boy in 1964. They named him Jeffrey. 

Ted has a bad habit of drinking. He used to drink too much which was not bearable for both Jacklyn and Jeffrey. He was a selfish man and never tried to be a good husband and father. Their relationship was getting worse day by day. So, she filed for divorce and they got separated in 1965.

Jacklyn Then married a man named Miguel Bezos in 1968 who was a Cuban immigrant. Miguel then adopted Jeffrey and gave him Bezos Family name. At the age of eight, Jeff came to know that Miguel is not his birth father. 

Father and Son No Reunion

Jacklyn told him not to interfere in their life anymore. Ted agreed to Jacklyn thinking that it would be better for his son. He thought that his son would lead a better life with Jacklyn and Miguel, and therefore he stopped interfering in their life for good. 

The last time Ted saw his son, he was only three years old. And then no second meet.

Ted Jorgensen’s Second Marriage

After his first wife Jacklyn and his son Jeffrey left him, he was too much depressed. His depression went even higher when Jacklyn requested him to stay away from them.

A few years later, he married another woman named Linda. He spent 27 years with Linda until his death at the age of 71. Linda had four children and they raised all of them.

Who Is Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos is Ted and Jacklyn’s only son. At first, his name was Jeffrey and then he got the Bezos family name from his mother’s new husband. He got the new name, Jeff Preston Bezos.

But now people know him by the name “Jeff Bezos”. And who doesn’t know him today? Jeff is the founder and CEO of the e-commerce giant Amazon. He is one of the top richest persons at present.

Jeff founded Amazon in 1994. And now his net worth is $191 Billion, which makes him the second richest man in the world.


Ted’s first wife was Jacklyn and a son from that marriage was Jeffrey. This is known to all.

What many people do not know is Ted Jorgensen had 4 step-children from his second wife Linda. Their names are Mike, Todd, Darin, and Lee. He had ten grandchildren. He also had a brother whose name was  Gordon Jorgensen.

Ted Jorgensen’s Career

At the early age, Ted worked in a low-wage retail store. Then when he was young he used to perform in circus shows.

After his departure with his son and wife, he moved to Phoenix in 1974. There he opened a Bike Store with the name Road Runner Bike Centre. The store was popular among the local people. He worked there for the rest of his life.

Ted’s Last Wish

A reporter of “Bloomberg Businessweek” named Brand Stone wrote a book named “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” 

He wrote Jeff’s biography and about his success story with Amazon. Ted did not know the fact that his son is one of the richest men in the world until this book got in his touch. He came to know about his son from the book after all these years.

Jeff never tried to contact his father because his mother forbade him to do so. Ted’s last wish was to meet his son for one last time. But he was too unlucky that he did not get the chance to meet Jeff before his death.

But we come to know that, Jeff sent a letter to his father Ted Jorgensen.

Ted himself in an interview admitted, ”I was not a good father. I did not know where Jeff was, if he had a job or not, or even if he was alive or dead.”

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Ted’s Death

Ted Jorgenson died at the age of 71 on 16th March 2015. Till now, his death reason is unknown. His funeral was held in Arizona, Phoenix memorial park.

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