Who Is Michael Jacobshagen? SEX ABUSED BY Michael JACKSON?

“Who is Michael Jacobshagan” is such an interesting question to ask. There will be hardly any person in today’s world who doesn’t know “Michael Jackson.” Whenever people mention this famous dancer and dancer, the name “Michael Jacobshagen” pops up.

There is a very controversial relation between these two names. There is an accusation that Michael Jackson has sexually abused Michael Jacobshagen during “History world tour.” Thai accusations raised a burning issue in the media. Jacobshagen explained in detail how he was accused. However, later everything got clear up, and the truth appeared.

Because of all this controversy and complaints against the world-famous pop artist, the entire world wanted to know about “Michael Jacobshagen.” If you’re also interested in knowing about this boy and his real relationship with Michael Jackson, stick here.

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Who Is Michael Jacobshagen?

 Michael Jacobshagan is a German boy who has come into controversy by claiming the star “Michael Jackson” for accusing as a sex abuser.

Who Is Michael Jacobshagen

He was just 14 years old and the year was 1995  when the little fan met Michael Jackson. But that fanboy later built a very good relationship with Jackson. Michael Jackson introduced the boy as the “RUBBA RUBBA BOY.”

A devastating accusation ended that amazing bond over Michael Jackson.

Reportedly the boy got an invitation by Michael Jackson in 1995 on the History world tour. Jacobshagen claimed he was there with Jackson for three weeks in a hotel suite, and Jackson had abused him sexually. According to Jacobshagan, Michael gave him all lavish presents during those days of the history tour.

Even he explained in detail how the megastar made him do such things that he would want to do with his girlfriend. Initially, these all were statements but not any allegations. Reportedly the case was dropped by Jacobshagen himself. And the police never went with the further inquiry as well.

Some reports show the accusations were absolutely false and a publicity stunt. They claim JAcobshagen was never on any tour with Jackson in the 1990s.

All these controversies, media news about megastars like Michael Jackson made Michael Jacobshagen super famous.

After 12 years of Jackson’s death, fans still ask about Jacobshagen and the truth of the allegations. 

How old is Michael Jacobshagen now?

Well, the RUBBA RUBBA boy of Michael Jackson was “Michael Jaconshagen,” who is now a 37 years old adult man.

That 14-year-old boy raised a massive controversy in the 1990s’ being abused by Popstar. However, Michael Jackson died in 2009.

After his death, Jacobshagen revealed both of them had a lifelong relationship. And none of them wanted to reveal their friendship in front of the media. 

Did Michael Jackobshagen was sexually abused?

Well, the child-abusing accusations were not any new thing for Jackson. He was accused before in 1993.

However, Michael Jacobshagan met the pop star in 1995 and later, they had a very good friendship. The friendship turned into an accusation of sexual abuse. The media took the claims seriously and started strong operations. However, the police didn’t get any conclusion as the case was dropped by itself.

Michael Jackson never accepted or denied anything about the accusation. Besides, Jacobshagen also disappeared till Jackson’s death. After the pop star’s death, Jacobshagen explained they had a very good lifelong friendship. But they never informed the media and came into the public as they wanted to avoid chaos.

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Wrap up:

Michael Jackonshagen is still a known name among Michael Jackson fans. The sex abusing accusation, case dropping, and lifelong friendship controversy still makes people wonder who he is. However, Jackson is no more and that RUBBA RUBBA boy is all grown up. After Michael Jackson’s death, he came up in front of the media and shared good words about Jackson.

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