Who is Ash Kaashh? Everything You Need to Know

Ash Kaash is known to be a popular social media influencer and a model. She shares her fashion perspective with her followers via different social platforms.

So, who is this Ash Kaash? What does she do? Let’s get to know her better.

About Ash Kaash

Born in 1998, Ashley Kaash is from Chicago, Illinois. Not much about her personal life can be known. Her parents, her name, even her birth year are under this mysterious curtain. She is also known as “Heaven Sent”.

A magazine had once revealed that Ash Kaash’s father runs a small business and her mother is a housewife.

It is rumored that she stopped studying after completing high school and gave all her focus to social media and modeling. So, how does she earn money?

Ash Kaash is a well-known social media figure and an entrepreneur. She does sponsor modeling for various companies and runs her own nail business. Her estimated net worth is about $500,000 these days.

Ash Kaash loves modeling that is evident from her posted pictures online. She is a regular user of TikTok where she posts exotic pictures and videos to draw youth attention towards her.

Ash Kaashh

She became quite a sensational topic of some fellow YouTubers in 2020, where the influencers tried to roast her image. In response, Ash Kaash tweeted not to harass her like that in front of the general people. She even received some rape threats from strangers that made her afraid to leave the house.

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Ash Kaash’s Corporate Life

Ash Kaash is very well known for her body features and exotic appearance on the social network. She has an interest in modeling and designing. She is currently working for modeling from several companies including Fashion Nova.

Besides modeling, she invests her effort and time in her own nail shop that is called Heaven Sent Nails. She promotes her own nail brand that includes fake nails, nail polishes, and nail extensions.

The brand is called From Heaven to You or Heaven’s Essentials. Her brand page has earned over 4 thousand followers on Instagram and other social media platforms to date.

She has an amazing sense of style that allows her to choose this career path as a nail artist. You know, you should never do for free what you’re good at!

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Ash Kaash Death Hoax

In today’s world, spreading out rumors or false news is not that uncommon. A lot of celebrities have faced such hoaxes as Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, Gigi Hadid, etc. Ash Kaash has also faced this kind of rumor

The rumor had started from a single picture getting viral on the internet. The picture shows that Ash Kaash’s Instagram account had been memorialized.

The picture had a caption that says – “Remembering Ashley. This account has been memorialized. Memorialized accounts are a place to remember and celebrate someone’s life after they’ve passed away.”

The picture went viral at rocket speed leaving her followers dumbfounded. Ash Kaash’s followers shared the picture on Twitter to know the real story behind it. The picture was soon debunked and Ash Kaash confirmed that it was just a hoax.  

However, the rumor did bring Ash Kaash under the limelight of thousands of online users. Her followers started increasing in a frenzy that brought good fortune to her modeling and corporate career.

Ash Kaash is adored by many for her sweet talks and beautiful body features. She is an elegant woman in her prime and very well known for leading a successful life. Despite some setbacks in her social media life, Ash Kaash continues influencing thousands of followers daily through sharing her own lifestyle and dreams with them.

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