Who is Angie Varona?

Model and an Instagram influencer, Angeline Varona aka Angie Varona is known for her exotic pictures on the virtual world. But there is a tragic story behind her bold features that will make you like her as a person too.

Want to know all about Angie Varona? You’ve come to the right place, then.

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Personal Life and Career of Angie Varona

28 years old, and brown-eyed Angie Varona was born in Miami, Florida.  Angie is the only child of her parents. She is 5’2” tall with a perfect hourglass figure. Angie Varona is currently dating Yoan Yanez, a photographer. 

Who is Angie Varona

She earned her graduation from Florida International University in Political Science and International Relations. After that, Angie attended St. Thomas University to be a spokesperson for Juris Doctor.

Teenage Tragedy

It is easy to become an Instagram influencer these days by showing off or posting exotic photos to catch mass attention. But for Angie Varona, this is different.

In her teenage days, she fell victim to a brutal bully that made her too depressed, sick, and vulnerable to face the real world. 

She made a Photobucket account when she was just 13-years old. Somehow, her naked photo was hacked by an unknown hacker and Photoshopped into an obscene picture that got released when she was fourteen. The incident made her viral and people started to see her as a sex symbol.  

The pictures started to spin around the major adult sites with top search results. Angie was bullied at school that resulted in changing high school at least three times. She even got called names in school and other places that had a vast impact on her.  

She became popular through a disputed means that crushed her from the inside out. She turned to drugs and thought of committing suicide.

In an interview, Angie explained that she thought after a while the trend would stop but realized that it had gotten worse. People wanted every single picture of her and stalked her relentlessly.

Angie’s parents were shocked at the incident and even asked for the police’s help but the police could not stop the trend from going on.

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Angie’s Struggle to Become Normal

Angie Varona has been widely criticized for posting those pictures at such a young age, but she was only a young girl. But the good news is, she fought back. And is now happily pursuing her career in modeling.  

Varona took the initiative to raise awareness against posting exploring pictures online. After all, a woman would learn from her mistakes to make her become a better person.

To overcome the trauma, she had to go to the therapist and started practicing yoga to keep her mind calm. She worked hard to uplift her spirit in those tough times.

Her family constantly supported her through those times and fought against the issue.

Angie Varona Today

Angie is a prominent Instagram influencer where she has over three million followers. She also has millions of followers on different social media platforms.

She is known to have a lovely singing voice but she never tries to pursue singing as a career. She has a passion for becoming a lawyer besides modeling.

Angie Varona works by posting sponsored modeling content on her Insta. Companies like Bang Energy, VPX Sports, Fashion Nova, and Clover dating app have sponsored her to model on their products.

She has been on some TV shows in recent years such as Catfish, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Maxims, etc. Angie has an estimated net worth of $550,000 for these sponsored gigs.

Angie drives her weakness to become her strength by following a career in modeling. Today, no one talks about her teenage mishap. Everyone loves her for the person she has become now.

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