When Is Archer Set?

When Is Archer Set? The show is set in the present day.

When was Sterling Archer born? Sterling Archer was born on September 25, 1984.

What year is Archer supposed to take place? The year that the events of Archer take place is never explicitly mentioned, but it can be inferred that it is set in the present day.

When was Archer season 12 filmed? The 12th season of the American animated sitcom “Archer” was announced by FX on March 6, 2018. The season began airing on April 25, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Archer Season 12 Be The Last?

It is possible that Archer Season 12 will be the last, but this has not been confirmed by the show’s creators.

Will There Be A Season 13 For Archer?

There has not been any official announcement about a season 13 for Archer, but there is a good chance that there will be one. The show has been renewed for seasons 10 and 11, so it is likely that it will continue on past that.

What Year Was Archer Season 11?

Archer Season 11 premiered on January 25, 2019.

Why Is It Called Archer: 1999?

The reason it is called Archer: 1999 is because the show takes place in the year 1999.

Is There A Season 13 Archer?

Season 13 has not been announced, and it is unknown if there will be one.

How Old Is Sterling Archer?

Sterling Archer is a character in the animated TV series “Archer”. He is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. The character was created by Adam Reed and was inspired by James Bond. In the show, Sterling is a secret agent with the codename “Archer”. He is a self-centered womanizer who often gets into trouble. As of 2019, Sterling Archer is estimated to be 42 years old.

What Year Does Season 9 Of Archer Take Place?

Season 9 of Archer is set in 2014.

Archer is set in the present day.

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