What Was Marilyn Monroe’s IQ? HIGH LEVEL AS EINSTEIN?

“What Was Marilyn Monroe’s IQ?” is probably one of the most often asked questions on the internet about her. Well, being an actress, why has such a question got so much hype?

This could be an exciting thing to know. Marilyn has not just been an actress. She was also a famous singer and American model. She was a beautiful lady with blond hair, red lips and attractive beauty marks. Surprisingly, her IQ level was often compared to a genius like Einstein.

Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926 and died in 1962. Her death and dead body also got into massive controversy. However, there is a report that makes people still wonder. Reportedly various sources revealed various details about that beautiful actress’s Iq level.

If you’re also curious to know about such a claim in detail, stick here.

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Who is Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe was a famous and beautiful and talented American actress, sex symbol, model and singer of her time. She was born on 1st June 1926. And in the year 1964, on 4th August, the actress was found dead because of a barbiturate overdose.

Her death is still a mystery in history. Some assume it is just an accident, whereas some claim it to be suicide. 

Reportedly, her body was not recognizable after her death. And some furious facts came out of Marilyn Monroe after her death.

While burning her body, morticians claimed the actress had fake teeth, hairy legs and a face that seemed much older and more tired than her age. Even after her death, the actress kept holding her name as the icon of pop culture.

The actress has some iconic works. As: Clash by Night, Monkey business, don’t bother to knock, as young as and etc.

Why are people so curious about Marilyn Monroe’s IQ?

Although Marilyn Monroe died years ago, in the year 2013, research on her IQ level came out. Since then, it’s been another mystery about this famous actress.

The study claimed Marilyn had a higher IQ than Einstein. Such a claim made people laugh and wonder at the same time. We all know Albert Einstein was the most extraordinary person with the highest IQ till now. Then how can Marilyn Monroe being an actress and sex symbol can compete with such a genius like him?

Reportedly, Marilyn was not even a school graduate. But she owned about 4o0 books in her library. She had a great interest in art, politics, psychology, theology, children, gardening, and other fields.  

What Was Marilyn Monroe’s IQ?

Now, this holds a lot of controversies. Marilyn Monroe’s IQ test result on various sites is 168, which is definitely impressive. However, not everyone accepts this information.

The logic behind this decline is the time. At the time of Marilyn’s career, the IQ test wasn’t that easy and accessible. So, why would any actress bother to take an IQ test? Referring to the

other proofs and her versatile knowledge, maybe the actress was average and much intelligent. But IQ levels like 168 would be just a myth for Marilyn Monroe.

However, people still carry a lot of opinions and conclusions regarding all resources. Most people believe Marilyn Monroe’s IQ level never could be as high as legendary Einstein.

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Wrap up

“An actress with the IQ level of Einstein” is such an exciting topic to discuss.

Marilyn Monroe has been in controversy both in her lifetime and after death. Since 2013 her IQ research has begun another storm of controversy. People have flooded forum sites on the internet asking, “What Was Marilyn Monroe’s IQ?”.

Hopefully, you’ve got enough details about the truth. Regarding all these details, she holding a high IQ level, has no strong evidence.

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