What is Tim Duncan Doing Now?

The worldwide famous basketball lover Tim Duncan is a hyped name. He is the former head coach of Gregg Popovich. Later he started working as an assistant coach. He is undoubtedly one of the most top players in NBA history.

Within his 19 years long career in Basketball, he has gained massive fans. “what is Tim Duncan doing now” is currently one of the most hype questions over forums. Currently, he has no connection with the NBA anymore.

Moreover, in recent times the media published some interesting updates about Tim Duncan. If you’re also interested in Tim Duncan, Get some interesting updates about him.

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Who is Tim Duncan? : Early Life to Now

Timothy Theodore Duncan, known as Tim Duncan, is the ultimate role model of Basketball. He is a professional coach and basketball player. He is also known as “the big fundamental.” Duncan was born in Saint Croix in the USA.

Since his childhood, Tim Duncan has been interested as well as an expert in sports. Duncan was an Olympic-level swimmer during school time. Unfortunately, by the year 1989, he gave up swimming because of his fear of sharks.

His childhood was not all that inserting and happiest. Tim Duncan’s mother died because of breast cancer. After swimming, he jumped into the basketball field. And there, ultimately, he got a shiny career. However, he is also a graduate of Forest university.

During college time, he got a good reputation as a stoic player and later connected himself with Basketball. In the year 2001, Tim Duncan got married to his long-time girlfriend, Amy Sherill. By the year 2013, the couple announced their official divorce.

Currently, he is dating Vanessa Macias. Reportedly this couple has been together for seven years now and are pretty happy together. 

Tim Duncan Career With Spurs:

In “The Big Fundamental,” Tim Duncan has a pretty ideal career in Basketball. He is considered to be the power of the NBA. The player spent 19 years of his life in this field with San Antonio spurs under the NBA.

On 16th July 2003, Tim Duncan signed a $122 million contract of seven years with Spurs. That was just the beginning of Duncan’s journey. After his endless achievements with Spurs, in the year 2019, he got assigned as head coach of the team.

His entire journey in the Spurs is the ideal journey of development for many players of recent times. 

What is Tim Duncan doing now?

According to the current reports, Tim Duncan is a full-time assistant coach of the Spurs. This basketball star is now 44 years old. And in the year, he stopped playing as a professional player of the team. Inside he was assigned to be the assistant coach. However, reportedly he is about to. Both the Spurs team authority and players find him to be excellent energy to be around.

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Final Words:

Tim Duncan is the ultimate basketball idol for many. He has got a pretty shiny and exciting career with the NBA. These all started in 2003 when Duncan got assigned to the Spurs team officially. With his extreme iconic performance and incredible achievements, Spurs appointed him as an assistant coach.

Being a coach, he also proved himself enough. In the past few news stories, there was a rumor of Tim Duncan stepping back from the Spurs. Maybe that is why people started asking, “what is Tim Duncan doing now.”

Reportedly, he is still the full-time assistant coach of the Spurs and doing quite well with his personal life.

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