What Is Alexi McCammond Ethnicity?

It only takes one controversy to make someone the most searched person on the internet. After the recent controversy about Alexi McCammond, the political journalist, people started searching her ethnicity and other personal information to get to know her more.

So, what is this controversy that led to such search-frenzy among social media users? In this article, you will know about the controversy and much more about the chief editor in Teen Vogue to finally know what her ethnicity is.

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Who is Alexi McCammond?

Alexi McCammond received popularity for being a renowned national journalist for Axios during the 2020 national election. She was born in 1994, in Chicago. She started her career as a freelance journalist for a women’s magazine and later became the news editor of Bustle.

What Is Alexi McCammond Ethnicity

Alexi joined Axios in 2017 and received massive appreciation for her reporting style and content. She revealed presidential schedules that showed almost 60% of Trump’s days were treated as “executive time” which means, Trump could use the time for any unofficial activities according to his desire. This report made a big impact on the career of Alexi McCammond.

In March 2021, Alexi was selected to join as the chief editor for Teen Vogue that could have been a milestone for her career. Unfortunately, she had to resign even before joining that position because of a past incident that had resurfaced. Although, it resulted in massive media attention towards her and people started to get curious about her and her ethnicity.

Alexi McCammond Controversy

It may be seen as a teen mistake because the incident happened about a decade ago when she was just seventeen. Alexi posted a tweet about Asian ethnicity which she deleted after the controversy happened. The tweet became viral right after she was selected for chief editor in Teen Vogue.

According to Alexi McCammond, the tweet was “young and dumb”. Though she apologized constantly, the social media did not like the attitude of the post in the least. Her co-workers were also disappointed at the tweet and expressed their views on that matter.

Former Teen Vogue editor said in another tweet that Alexi’s tweet was “racist and abhorrent and indefensible”. Her racist perspective led to the fall of her career. Ulta Beauty paused a million-dollar worth of advertising program for Teen Vogue because of Alexi’s tweet and reputation.

People from all over social media started hunting down all the information they could get hold of. Social media criticized her constantly for being so hateful towards the other race. Her reputation became fluid after such a revelation.

All of these things forced Alexi to resign even before she could join the post. People from different places started asking what she would deliver to the teens if she herself was this cruel to another race. However, Alexi was accepted by her former workplace, Axios. The CEO expressed his excitement at Alexi’s return to the magazine.

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Ethnicity of Alexi McCammond

To know about her ethnicity, Alexi’s family background needs to be checked first. There is not much known about her family or parents. It seems like she lives a quiet life. Alexi’s father is thought to be an African-American. Nothing can be known about her mother. Alexi has two siblings – Braxton McCammond and Aubyn McCammond.

Alexi is an American-born. However, from her Twitter account, her ethnicity is thought to be African-American.

Despite having a misjudged tweet in the past, Alexi is a devoted, smart, and brilliant journalist. She has already secured a great place in global journalism. Her efforts cannot be blurred by her past misjudgment.

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