What Does Ara Ara Mean? : In Japanese?

If you’re just new to the Japanese language, some terms and phrases will make you wonder. In Japanese dramas, movies, and series, you’ll often hear the term “ARA ARA.” People often get confused and search for its actual English meaning.

“What does Aar Ara mean?” is quite a common and popular question people ask about the Japanese language.

The Japanese entertainment industry has been doing so well over a few years. Their language, approach and actions seem to spread a lot of curiosity. Maybe that’s the reason Google is getting the question more often.

If you’re also curious about the Japanese language and its uniqueness, stick here.

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What Does Ara Ara Mean in Japanese?

“ARA ARA” is used in different situations in different ways. In Japanese movies and anime, this is often the most commonly used term. However, it holds different meanings depending on what you’re saying and to whom you’re saying it.

What Does Ara Ara Mean

As an interjection, Ara Ara means “Oh!” / “Ah.” Such expression is commonly used in sexually intended related scenes. If you’ve watched LOVE HINA, you’ll notice such expressions by an onee-saan in the anime. While any seductive incident is going on, Ara Ara is said flirtatiously. Ara Ara is not only said of Japanese anime or movies. Almost all females of japan use this term. It is usually used for “Oh my dear”/ “Oh my”/ “oh dear” and for such expressions in English. 

Can Ara Ara be a Japanese surname?

Japan has got a mixture of different cultures. Their languages and meanings can vary depending on other parts, terms, expressions and people. Not just ara, there has always been some confusion with different Japanese terms.

However, Ara Ara can also be used as a surname. It might be super common among people. However, it can’t be denied that the Japanese have always got interesting surnames in different parts of the region.

So, maybe you’ll find Japanese people with the surname ARA ARA

What does Doubling up ARA ARA means?

Well, here comes another exciting part. Ar Ara can also mean rude/ rough if you double it up. It is possible to vary the meaning of certain words with various expressions. If you pronounce ARA ARA Shisa, it no longer means oh dear/ oh my. It’ll also depend on the term writing. Their letters are not as straight as English. If japanese write ara ara in their words, it can change the meaning.

Why is the saying “Ara Ara” so popular in Japanese anime and movies? 

Ara Ara is not any new term for Japanese speakers. Japanese ladies especially use this term often in seductive scenes of Japanese movies and anime. Such a term is so interesting to hear that it got massive popularity. The hashtag #AraAra has seen over 419 million views on TikTok day by day it is increasing.

People always seem curious and want to know more about this term. And it has also become a meme on social media. You’ll see Ara Ara used internationally now. From the 2000s’ Japanese movies, anime and series got massive popularity.

From children to adults, everyone has their favorite genre in Japanese. There have been some specific teams that made Ara Ara go super popular.

The anime “manga” used the stern countless times in many scenes. Now, maybe people consider it as a seductive sign of Japanese female characters. In reality, the term has always been common among Japanese ladies in real life as well.

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Wrap up:

The Japanese language has always been a fun part for Japanese movie/ anime lovers. However, their language is another addition to their uniqueness. ARA ARA is most often used in their anime. However, it has always been used. In recent years, people have become so blessed with the term. Hopefully, here you’ve got the answer to what does ara ara means. It can change the meaning with expression, way of writing and talking. In anime, females basically use it as flirty expressions only.

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