Who Was The Maid On The Jetsons?

Who Was The Maid On The Jetsons? The maid on the Jetsons was named Rosie.

How old is Elroy Jetson? Elroy Jetson is a character in the animated TV series “The Jetsons.” He is the son of George and Jane Jetson. In the episode “A Date with Elroy,” it is revealed that he is six years old.

When was Elroy Jetson born? Elroy Jetson was born on September 23, 1962.

What is The Jetsons maids name? The Jetsons maid’s name is Rosie.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Was Rosie In The Jetsons?

Rosie the Robot was created in the year 2062 and is therefore 50 years old in the year 2062.

How Old Are George And Jane Jetson?

George and Jane Jetson are both in their early sixties.

What Did George Jetson Do For A Living?

George Jetson was a space-age engineer and worked for Orbit Industries.

How Old Is George Jetson In The Jetsons?

George Jetson is 62 years old in The Jetsons.

Where Does George Jetson Live?

George Jetson lives in the future, in a place called Orbit City.

How Old Are The Jetsons Characters?

The Jetsons characters are all adults.

How Old Would George Jetson Be Today?

George Jetson would be about 114 years old today.

How Old Was Rosie In The Jetsons?

Rosie was a maid in the Jetson family household and appeared to be in her early 20s.

How Old Is Jane Jetson?

Jane Jetson is a character from the animated TV series “The Jetsons”. According to the show, Jane is in her early 20s.

The Jetsons maid, Rosie, is a robot who performs many household tasks for the Jetson family. She is loyal, helpful, and always cheerful.

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