What Is Lights Real Name? Simple Answer

What Is Lights Real Name? Lights real name is Valerie Poxleitner.

Is Ella Mai rich? Ella Mai is not rich.

How old is H.E.R. singer? H.E.R. is singer who’s birth name is Gabi Wilson. She was born on April 27, 1997 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Where did Ella Mai go to school? Ella Mai attended the University of Southern California where she studied business administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Her Real Name?

Her real name is Courtney Michelle Cox.

Does Lights Write Her Own Music?

Lights writes and produces all her own music.

Where Is Ella Mai From?

Ella Mai is from London, England.

Is Lights Her Real Name?

No, Lights is not her real name. She was born in Toronto, Ontario under the name Valerie Anne Poxleitner.

How Old Is Kehlani?

Kehlani is 22 years old.

How Old Is Valerie Poxleitner?

Valerie Poxleitner is a YouTuber and social media personality who rose to fame on the internet in early 2016. She is known for her comedic videos, which often feature her family and friends. As of September 2017, Valerie is believed to be around 16 years old.

Is Lights Still Married To Beau Bokan?

As of July 2017, it appears that Lights is still married to Beau Bokan.

Does Lights Have A Girlfriend?

There is no public record of Lights having a girlfriend.

Where Is The Artist Lights From?

Born in Toronto, Canada, Lights is a Juno Award-nominated artist who has released two studio albums and one EP. Her music is a mix of synthpop, indie rock, and electronica.

Is Ella Mai African?

No, Ella Mai is not African.

We don’t know what Lights real name is.

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