Is Patty Mayo A Real Bounty Hunter

Well, Patty Mayo is an actor, and he does the videos for his YouTube channel with the same name. He shoots for his videos with permission from the local authority. The rest of the artists on his videos are from his production crew. So yes, he is not a real bounty hunter. He is not a member of law enforcement, and the Oregon State Sheriffs Association confirmed that.

In most of his video descriptions, Patty Mayo clearly mentioned that the video was ‘dramatized’ and is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency or government agency. A real cop would never focus on how to raise YouTube subscribers and so on. He never acts as a cop as pretending to be a cop is an illegal act. On the other hand, there is no restriction to act as a bounty hunter.

Is Patty Mayo A Real Bounty Hunter

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What are the activities of Patty behind the scenes?

The Oregon Sheriff’s Association was asked about Patty Mayo, and they released a statement about the YouTuber. They mentioned in the statement that they are aware of his activities, and he is neither a member of law enforcement nor affiliated in any way. They further added some instructions for this YouTuber. Patty Mayo was advised not to wear the costumes in public. That’s why he shoots the videos in a pre-planned set or location. By rule, it’s legal to pretend to be a bounty hunter for YouTube videos with a paid actor.

His videos don’t follow the law enforcement rules and are made only for entertainment. Anyone with good acting skills can make such videos. If you are still confused about Patty Mayo’s videos, here are some breakdowns –

The uniforms he wears in the videos are available online. You can find them in some online stores. Wearing these costumes doesn’t make him a real bail enforcement agent.

Most of the time, the videos are about victims. He shows their faces and continuously calls them by name. A real cop will never do such things. Law enforcement agents always blur the face of the victims. As you know, making a face blur may not entertain you while watching videos thus, he always shows the faces of the victims.

The car he uses is either custom-made or rented from the agencies. If you and your family members are approved by the government and the agency, then you are allowed to rent such cars. Hence, using these cars doesn’t make him a real cop.

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Truth revealed about Patty

There were many objections found online about Patty Mayo as his videos provide a wrong conception about the law enforcement agencies to the kids though he shows an age restriction message in the beginning. This is why Patty Mayo has so many haters as well. His videos should not come as a real incident. There should be a clear statement at the beginning of every video that the videos are fake.

In one of his videos, he mentioned the videos he records of the victim are to show the governor and court purposes. Law enforcement agencies never record the victims as a witness or to show the governor. They just have witnesses for the court. 

His videos should be accepted only for entertainment purposes. Watch them how you watch a movie or series. The only difference is he pretends to be a real bounty hunter though he isn’t. 

Patty Mayo is not a real bounty hunter for sure. However, he has approval from the law enforcement agencies. Thus, he isn’t breaking any law. But the authentication of the videos should be mentioned clearly at the beginning of every video to avoid confusing the audience.

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