Is Davey Havok Gay?: Exciting News!

Davey Havok is an American punk singer. He is known for being the lead musician of AFI, Black Audio, XTRMST & Dreamcar. Davey has already written two books and made an outstanding appearance as a writer.

People often ask on the internet, “is Davey Havok Gay?”. Well, there are some interesting facts and doubts behind this question. The look, style and some incidents made people doubt his sexual preference.

If you are also interested to know more about the celebrity, this article is for you. Just stick with this article.

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Davey Havok’s Early Life

Davey Havok has gained recognition in the music world. The full name of Davey Havok is David Paden Marchand. Born on 20th November 1975 in Rochester, New York, Davey belongs to the Italian Ancestry.

When he was in high school, he made his first band named AFI. During college time, he started writing songs for the band. In 1995, the band published their first album called “ Answer that & Stay Fashionable.” This band has also released albums such as “Proud of Ya”& Shut Your Mouth & Open Your Eyes. Davey has worked in a TV series as a voice artist named “Godkiller.”

As a writer, Davey published his first book, “Pop Kids,” in 2013. Later in the year 2018, Davey published “ Love Fast Los Angeles.”

Is Davey Havok Gay?

There are many rumors among the people about the sexuality of Davey Havok. There are several assertions that he is gay or bisexual. Reportedly, Davey Havok is straight. Davey being gay might be just a rumor as there has been no official confirmation.

Why this rumor?

Well, it’s very typical to assume Davey Havok as gay because of heavy make-up & accessories. His friend Jade, a guitarist, posted on the AFI official message that Davey is not gay.

Jade has been posting such posts frequently over the years.  People still consider him gay. Davey Havok also refined this rumor in his interview with Buzznet. He is just a heterosexual.

According to research, 21% of people think that Davey Havok is gay, 26% believe that he is straight & 53% of people believe that he is bisexual.

However, his past relationship indicates that he is not gay because he has relationships only with girls. Here, we will know about each of Davey’s ex-girlfriends one by one.

Relationships of Davey Havok:

Davey Havok is now single. He does not have a wife or any girlfriend publicly.

But he has been attached to few official relationships before.

In 2001, Davey Havok was engaged with Monica Parker, an English actress. Unfortunately, they got separated in 2002. This beautiful couple was together for two years. It’s still not clear why they broke up.

Davey and Brittany Bowen got together after his breakup with Monica. Brittany Bowen is a model. In 2006, they started dating & they have been together for 15 years. Though Davey & Bowen neither confirm nor deny their relationship, several pictures showing them kissing on the lips make it clear.

Davey Havok was in another relationship with Ivy Levan. She is a beautiful lady, an American singer, actress, model & songwriter. It seems to be a perfect match with Davey Havok, right? The pictures of them embracing each other looked perfect. However, their relationship stayed for a short time in 2006 & they broke up in the same year.

Davey Havok is a very private person. But after going through his personal life, we can decide that he is not gay but a straight person.

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Wrap Up:

Davey Havok has gained massive success through his hard work & dedication. He is not only the sexiest vegetarian but also the sexiest man in the industry! His enormous fan followers have a lot of interest in his life preferences. Hopefully, now you understand if Davey Havok is gay or not. There is no official confirmation of Davey Havok being gay. So, we can assume him as a “straight and handsome person.”

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