Is Antonio Garza Trans – Fact or rumor?

Social media holds quite a massive confusion about Antonio Garza’s gender. Some think this social media personality was born male and later went through surgeries to change the gender. Many online forum sites consider “is Antonio Garza Trans” to be a burning question.

 Moreover, Antonio has a big fan following over the internet. She seems to receive striking attention over Instagram, Twitter and youtube. Besides her talent and tasks, her gender is another reason for such attention. 

Antonio has certainly a pretty exciting life background. If you’re also an Antonio fan, stick here to know the real facts about her life and gender.

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Who is Antonio Garza?

Antonio Garza has been a popular American youtuber sinche 2018. She is known as an American beauty guru. Her unique evolutionary makeup videos have gathered a worldwide fanbase in a very short time.

Is Antonio Garza Trans

Antonio released her first youtube video by the year 2018. It gained around 44k likes and 1 million views till now. Antion Graza has been on Twitter since 2016 with 177k followers. She also has about 2m followers over Instagram. Antonio also posts her sensational makeup videos over Instagram. And all these have made it easier for the celebrity to build a better bond with her fans. 

Antoni aGaza has also been recognized for his makeup works in the 11th annual shorty awards. Here she was announced to be the winner of the beauty category. 

Antonio is not just a random influencer. She dropped out of school to get more involved with youtube. Although in the beginning, her videos were basic enough, she had good humor to make the videos enjoyable. 

Right now, she is one of the most highlighted names over the internet.

Antonio Garza’s one of the most popular quotes is: 

“Being popular is nothing. If you’re that kind of a person who wants to be popular, remember that it won’t even matter.”

Is Antonio Garza Trans?

Yes, Antonio Garza is a transgender person, and it is officially confirmed.

This famous persona carries such an attractive and beautiful look that people often get confused if she was really born a boy or all of these are just rumors! 

The most interesting thing is, Antonio never seems to attract viewers by his gender transformation history. Although fans always keep asking about this fact, the star likes to keep her story private.

 Antonio confirmed that confusion straight on Tv. Right now, she is one of the most loved transgender makeup masters/ YouTuber of America.

Antonio Garza Love life:

There have been bunches of rumors about Antonio Garza’s love life. However, there has been no official confirmation by the star. 

Reportedly, she is currently neither married nor in any relationship. She seems to always be private about her love life. As this celebrity is just 18 years old, she has not had such an extensive list of relationships. 

However, there is some news of Antonio dating a secret boy. Whereas many believe Antonio Garza is too young to have boyfriends. She is soon going to be 19, and probably fans will get any updates about her love life then.

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Wrap Up:

Antonio Garza is a pretty attractive and one of the most stunning transgender YouTuber in America. She has gained massive popularity with her talent. People from all over the world follow and show her endless love over her accounts. Her sexual preference and sexuality raised a big storm over the internet from the starting of her career. Hopefully, here you’ve known Is Antonio GarzaTrans or not. She is officially a transgender, and the star has confirmed the fact by herself. However, she loves to keep all these away from her professional life.

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