How Many Languages Does Shakira Speak?

Shakira is a worldwide famous name with her stunning voice, adorable lyrics, singing style and talent. It is usual for people to ask and to want to know more about this lady. 

Shakira has multiple numbers of songs from various languages. Maybe that’s why fans often ask, “How many languages does Shakira speak?”

This WAKA WAKA girl has been ruling the music industry since she was 13. Till now, Shakira has had 35 music videos and 65 singles. Many of these songs come from different languages.

From her teenage years, Shakira performed multiple songs of various languages on stage. People wonder if she just learned the lyrics or if Shakira is fluent in these languages. 

If you’re curious to know about Shakira and her talents, you must learn about her more. She is undoubtedly an inspiration to others.

How Many Languages Does Shakira Speak

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Shakira’s background check:

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll: mostly known as SHAKIRA/ Waka Waka girl, holds a pretty prideful career. Before that, you must know how this little talent came into the music industry.

Shakira was born on 2nd February 1977 at BARRANQUILLA, Colombia. She was raised in the same place. Shakira’s mother was a Spanish Italian lady. And her father held Lebanese roots.

This stunning singer always had an interest in music and poems. When Shakira wrote her first poem, she was about four years old: “La Rosa De Cristal.”

Her father was a writer, and maybe that influenced Shakira at a very early age. Her father got her typewriter when Shakira was only seven.

Eventually, all her poems turned into songs with time. And the song “Tus Gafas Oscuras” was the first-ever song she wrote. 

She was only 13 when Shakira started gaining a supreme fan following all around the world. She started performing the biggest shows in different cities in her teens.

This stunning singer kept growing with time, experience, talent, struggles and learnings.

Shakira’s career:

Shakira’s career was always on top as she gifted such beautiful and iconic music to this industry. Being a Colombian singer, songwriter and musician, she always tried to keep Latin and Arabic heritage in her songs.

Two of his most famous songs are: “Hips don’t lie” “Whenever Wherever.” She has always been the highest-selling Colombian singer in the industry. About 70 million albums of Shakira were sold all over the world. 

She started her journey with the recording of “Magia” at the age of 13. Right now, Shakira is 43 and still holding massive attention worldwide. On social media, she has about 7-.8 million Instagram followers and 52.6 Twitter followers right now. This singer has got numerous awards like Grammy, Latin Grammy. Billboard and many more.

How many languages does Shakira speak?

Shakira always tries to keep varieties and heritages of different cultures and languages in her songs. Surprisingly, she can speak about five languages fluently.

Some might think Shakira just memorizes the lyrics. It’s not true at all. A Talented Thai lady has good skill over all these driving languages.

These languages are : Portuguese, Italian, English, Arabic and Spanish. 

All of these are not directly connected to Shakira’s roots. English and Spanish were her native languages only. The others she explored through music and her most profound interest over the music heritage of the world.

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Wrap up

Shakira is such an inspirational artist who never compromised with her learning cycle. From a very early age, she started digging with music, languages and writings. However, people often ask how many languages Shakira speaks. Well, Shakira is indeed fluent in over five different languages. And all of these were learned by her only because of inheriting her music tastes. She gave her time, learned three foreign languages and contributed to the world music industry thoroughly.

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