Does Tim Duncan Have a Daughter?

Tim Duncan or Timothy Theodore Duncan is a renowned American former professional basketball player and coach. Many of you may know him by “the Big Fundamental”. He played for 19 years for the San Antonio Spurs.

Duncan is known as the greatest power forward of all time. Few players were as good as he was. In 1997, Duncan was the top priority for the NBA Draft that led to his historic career at Wake Forest.

Duncan retired in the year 2016 with a massive fan base and top ranking among the all-time great basketball players. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss Tim Duncan’s personal life. In addition, you will get the answer to the question that you asked for – does Tim Duncan have a daughter?

Let’s have a look at his professional career first.

Does Tim Duncan Have a Daughter

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Tim Duncan’s Rise to Prominence

Tim was very popular in his college days for playing in the Sweet 16 and the Elite Eight. After he graduated from Wake Forest, he enrolled in the ACC school where he became the No. 1 overall pick for the NBA Draft.

He quickly earned his position in the NBA in the first year of his playing. By the end of the second year, he was an NBA champion. He played in that season in 1998-99.

In 2003, Duncan led the team to the NBA playoffs. That year Duncan won his second ring and his second Finals MVP award. In 2005, Duncan again won the MVP and was declared victorious. He continued this progress till the end of his career.

Tim Duncan’s Marriage

Tim Duncan married Amy Sherrill in 2001. They were married for twelve years before they filed for divorce. There Tim had two children, one boy, and one girl. However, it was rumored that both of the children were not his.

The divorce file was cited as “insupportable because of discord and conflict”. Some say that it was proven in the court that the children were not legitimately Duncan’s. This situation led to a huge controversy for the broken family.

Later, Duncan became open about the relationship between him and his ex-wife. He gave several interviews to many magazines and other media platforms that he knew for a long time that the children were not his.

Tim Duncan As a Father

Tim became a father when he was at the height of his stardom. However, he made sure to give time to his children whenever he could. His daughter, Sydney, was very fond of him. Tim was never seen to attend a match without his daughter being present in the game.

During 2014, Tim’s children celebrated Father’s Day with him at the time of his fifth NBA title win. He received some unexpected compliments from his kids in the press conference that made him very emotional.

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Vanessa Macias and Quill

Venessa is a famous TV show host for various programs including some sports programs. Macias got familiar with the sports world by becoming an announcer for the San Antonio Scorpions soccer team. Her background seems like she loves being a sports spoke-person.

It came as no wonder when Vanessa Macias and Tim Duncan started dating. Back in 2013, right after Tim’s divorce, he found his soulmate – Vanessa. Together they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Quill.

Duncan admitted that they gave the name Quill from the famous character of Guardians of the Galaxy. Tim is seen to be with his child in various functions. Sometimes, Macias’s Instagram account reveals some pictures of both the father and the daughter together that make their fans go crazy.

In the end, to answer the question of whether Tim Duncan has a daughter or not – yes, he does.

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